Staying Healthy during Trips

The winter is officially here in Yuma, our jackets and scarves are out in the 60’s while everyone seems to be getting their first snow of the year.  We get a lot of visitors from the north, casually labeled “snowbirds”, who come down to enjoy this fairly warmer weather in comparison to the inches of snow in their home town.  Many of them are Canadians and I am sure they always chuckle at our bundled up bodies while they trek around in shorts.  Our summer is their winter.  I proudly wear my sweaters just as any Yuman does!

In a few weeks, however, I am going to find myself in a cooler environment in the city of Dallas, Texas.  Dallas is much colder than here and I am still wondering how to manage the temperature difference while packing light and being comfortable for the 10-day trip for Seerah Intensive.  One thing is for certain: I need to plan what to eat.  With my recent dietary changes, things have been a little more than just challenging when I eat outside of the home.  At the intensive, the food is catered and if it is anything compared to my diet last summer for a similar adventure, my body is in for a difficult experience.  My registration form was filled with the following dietary restrictions: Gluten-free, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Grain-Free.  My concern? I may be getting salads every day.  As much as I love my greens, there is a limit to the palate! So, I am going in with a plan.

  1. Drink Adaptogenic Matcha Every Day

In addition to taking the herbal and pharmaceutical medicine for my Hashimoto’s, my plan is to take a steady dose of adaptogens.  I have noticed that my matcha-days tend to be energetic ones, so before leaving the hotel room for breakfast, I intend on making an adaptogenic matcha latte religiously.  With the help of a Healthy Human tumbler and some simple wire whisks, I am hoping to be able to warm water and combine it all together.  While at home I can get in my kitchen closets to fetch the ingredients, it is impossible to do so in a hotel room.  A few minutes of searching landed me some to-go packets to make this job easier.  This did effect my budget for this trip but health has to take a priority or my days will be spent struggling to stay awake. The Matcha recipe I prefer, which I will be mimicking in the hotel as close as possible, is as follows: 1 tsp matcha tea powder + kosher collagen powder + 3/4 warm water + 1/2 teaspoon of chosen adaptogens, each + 1 T coconut butter + dhikr


2.  Stick with the supplements

There are a few supplements I rely on every day to keep my condition in check.  The collection of multiple things makes it difficult to consume and much difficult to organize and carry.  Fortunately, I have been using this pill organizer for a while which I will be taking with me with all of the pills pre-portioned in it.  Unfortunately, I can not recommend this specific product because some of the containers are not reliable and pop open unexpectedly.  Right now, those are secured with tape as a temporary solution.  I will be taking the supplements mornings, afternoons, and evenings, so this is a good way for me to keep track without taking all of the bottles with me. I also found this incredible Superfood Blend by Nativas whose ingredients won me over.  The array of mushrooms in it are sure to aid with the immune system.  I am thinking to add a scoop of this in my water over there as well.



3.  Healthy Snacking

My last experience in Dallas with Quran Intensive was ladled with temptations.  From ice creams, to cookies and cakes, treats were abundant and my stomach was not happy afterwards.  I was already showing signs of Hashimoto’s (unbeknownst to me at the time) so I am sure my bloating, and everything else that came with it was due to eating all of the things I am currently avoiding.  So I am coming prepared this time.  My go-to favorite snacks which conform to my dietary guidelines are Rx Bars and my favorite flavors are Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sea Salt.  So, naturally, they are the ones making the trip with me!   As a post-lunch snack, I feel they will be perfect to hold me over until dinner time.



4.  Meal Planning

It is impossible for me to plan for meals during this trip, obviously.  However, I have had to budget additionally for a daily trip to a nearby sushi restaurant.  I am concerned that I will be lacking nutrition if, unfortunately, I am stuck with eating salads every day.  I found this incredible recipe for Paleo Porridge which I am planning on making into daily servings.  This recipe is beyond delicious and it overtakes a traditional oatmeal-breakfast any day.  I highly recommend for you to give it a try!  In additional to my matcha, this would be a great addition to get the proteins and healthy fats in before the day has begun. Instead of honey, coconut sugar will make it an easy to-go meal.


Although everything looks perfect on paper, it would be interesting to see how it translates into practice.  This is the first time I will be doing such a thing, after all.  Failing to plan is planning to fail, right?  I hope I can avoid a crash-and-burn failure.  As long as I have energy enough to focus during the intensive and make the most out of it, it would be considered as a success.


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