My 5 Favorite Etsy Shops

While I enjoy a trip to Target or Marshalls like any other, there is something special about owning items which are hand crafted by someone sitting in their home office.  To support a small business means to directly help a family and the artist to achieve something in their life.  Target can have my money in other ways, but to be honest, I would rather be giving my business to amazing artists.

If you are not familiar, Etsy is a platform that independent sellers used to offer their items in their “shops.”  It is an amazing way to support real artists.  Unfortunately just like any other platform, there are a handful shops which are marketing something that they do not sell – as in their items are not handmade but just resold – however it is not difficult to distinguish between them and genuine sellers for those who are paying attention.  Here are the five shops, in no particular order, that I have been eyeing and admiring either from afar or by having one (or more) of their items in my home.

1. Quote Lovin

The days of having laminated Islamic art is over because Rufena is offering beautiful prints in her shop.  I am especially in love with her hand lettered prints which are colorful and minimal at the same time.  Her instagram account is very enjoyable as well as she frequently shows her process of creation.  I am always mesmerized by it!  Another one of my favorite is her hijab queen line.  She has prints that can be customized and this cute tote which I would not mind having by my side.  Don’t you love it? I have yet to own any items from her shop but I am waiting for that perfect day where I can hit my wish list.

2. The Visual Age

Another shop which I have been eyeing is created by Qudsiyah.  Her items range from housewares to hand decorated books and gifts for all occasions.  It is yet another one of the shops from which I have not had the opportunity to purchase anything yet, but the spatulas and the journal books are some of the items in my wish list.  She also carries these small prints on an easel which my desk always seems to call for.  I find her items to be thoughtful just like her letters she sends out in the mail to her subscriber list.

3. Doo Design

This. Shop. Oh, I have so much love for it.  I have had the pleasure of owning one of her items and I just keep wanting to get more and more.  Ratcha is truly gifted with her hands because look at these gorgeous purses! Her craftsmanship is clean and sturdy.  The soft, feminine I think the cat lady in me is yearning for this handbag.

4. Pochette Gavotte

You know when you love something you own so much that when you see it again, you are so glad to have it? That is my experience with the small bag I own from this shop.  If you have read my handbag post, then this red polka dotted beauty is going to look very familiar.  I absolutely still love it and it is very useful while being carefully crafted. The cherry MacBook case in gray is gorgeous too!  This shop has “For Samia” written on every single item.

5. Paper and Cats

Taylor is a joy to work with.  I have had the opportunity to craft some custom inserts for my budgeting notebook as well as use some of her premade inserts in my traveler’s notebook.  One of which I use for Qur’an journaling.  I find her style to be clean and minimal – just what I am looking for.  Not to mention, her custom insert for me has made my bi-weekly budgeting task to be less of a burden.  The heart-Polaroid cover is my new favorite which I am waiting to be replace an additional one that I currently use.

I hope you enjoyed these shops just as much as I do.  Do you have any favorite etsy shops? And if you are the owner of one, please do share it with us in the comments.


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