Immune Boosting Soup

The cold winter months are always a hit or a miss in our household.  Sometimes we get sick multiple times, and other times it is the season changes of winter and spring that results in sniffling noses and stifled coughs. This winter, however, we are armed with the knowledge of herbal remedies.  Yuma is fortunate to have Laura Lago visit us from Tucson to provide herbal consultations as well as workshops.  She is treating my hypothyroidism and her expertise is something I have learned to rely on. It was during one of those workshops that I learned something I had long suspected: Prevention with food is much more preferred than treatment of an illness.

A weakened immune system is a sure way to get attacked with multiple viruses and bacterias.  We can help prevent that from happening – if we are of sound health – by enriching our diets with nutritious foods to strengthen the system, enabling it to fight the constant barrages.  Today, I will be sharing with you the vegetable soup/broth recipe Laura recommends to take throughout the winter months (or the entire year) to aid in boosting immunity. Each ingredient is picked for a specific purpose.  You may substitute it with a similar ingredient, if you need to.  I have made versions of this soup multiple times already and every time, the oncoming symptoms of cough or a cold have subsided with much success.  I absolutely recommend it!

Some of these ingredients may be difficult to come by fresh.  Look for them in dried packages in Asian markets.



All of these ingredients are to be added in an 8qt stock pot.

1/2 lb Carrots
3 Potatoes
4 Daikon Radish
1 head Garlic
1 Onion
3 Burdock Roots (fresh preferred, dried ones are okay)
Mushrooms: Shiitake (dried ones are okay), Mytaki (dried ones are okay), Reishi (discard after cooking)
Astragalus Root (discard after cooking)
Ginseng Root (discard after cooking)
3 inch piece of Ginger Root
Sprinkle of: Marjoram, Thyme, Oregano, Salt, Cayenne


Clean and prepare all of the ingredients, washing and peeling, if necessary, all of the root vegetables. Slice all the vegetables that are to be consumed.  You may place the ones that should not be eaten in a large muslin bag, making it easy to fish out when done.

We prefer to drink the broth.  For that, I squeeze all of the liquid from the vegetables and discard the leftover pulp.

Consume at least a cup a day and freeze the rest for later use.


I hope you are able to enjoy the soup this season!


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