My 5 Favorite Etsy Shops

While I enjoy a trip to Target or Marshalls like any other, there is something special about owning items which are hand crafted by someone sitting in their home office.  To support a small business means to directly help a family and the artist to achieve something in their life. […]

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Dear Auntie, I Really Do Have An Illness

Recently I was involuntarily involved in a conversation that went a little something like this: Auntie: What is wrong? Are you alright?  Me: Oh, I just ate something off last night and it didn’t effect me very well.  I’m just very tired today.  Auntie: Let me tell you something…  hasn’t […]

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Immune Boosting Soup

The cold winter months are always a hit or a miss in our household.  Sometimes we get sick multiple times, and other times it is the season changes of winter and spring that results in sniffling noses and stifled coughs. This winter, however, we are armed with the knowledge of […]

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